Landing in comic book stores today and in bookstores everywhere on Tuesday, LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN collects all six issues of the fan-favorite miniseries by writer Paul


For the past six months, fans of the Legionairres have seen the team form and develop in the explosive

Legion of Secret Origin battle scene

Last we saw the Legionnaires, they decided that they needed to recruit the help of Superman to help defeat the evil attacking their homeworlds.

The Legion continues to form as new members join the team. But will the addition of these new faces be enough to stop an army of marauding machines?
Time is running out for the Legionnaires to save the border worlds of the United Planets from an unknown alien menace.
If each of the Legionnaires come from planets where all species have powers just like theirs, what are their distinguishing factors?
My background is in online and digital media, which folks are saying is the future of comic books. So perhaps my evangelization of new technology (i.e.
Who attempted to assassinate R.J. Brande? What threat brought together the United Planets? What led to the creation of the Legion of Super Heroes?
Whether hero or villain, everyone has an origin story.
The events of “War of the Green Lanterns” has had more consequences than the Green Lantern Corps ever fathomed.


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