In this week’s final issue of CLEAN ROOM, everything around Astrid Mueller is on fire. While there’s chaos outside, Astrid and her team are gearing up for the fight they’ve been waiting for.

In this week’s issue of CLEAN ROOM, something is wrong—very wrong. As ordinary people go through their daily lives, bizarre things are happening everywhere—electricity going out, signals dropping, and most bizarre of all—the stars.

CAUTION: This episode contains strong language.

Ten Moments that Mattered: Vertigo Debuts Twelve New Comics

The holidays are upon us and another year is in the books.

Behind the Clean Room

It knows what terrifies you. Those innermost secrets you hide away in the depths of your mind, never to reveal to anyone. The Clean Room brings those horrors to light, turning them against you and placing you at her mercy…

DC All Access - Ep 331 - The Flash's Jay Garrick Talks Speed Cannon + Teen Titans

The news is fast and furious in today's episode of DC All Access, and so is our special guest! That's right, actor Teddy Sears drops by the DC Comics office to discuss playing Jay Garrick on The Flash, and what the introduction of Earth-2's speedster means for our world. Can you say "speed cannon," anyone? We also look at the newest DC Comics series, Titans Hunt, and talk writer Rob Williams about Martian Manhunter. Plus, Tiffany chats with Gail Simone about her brand new Vertigo series, Clean Room!

Something Stranger: Preview Vertigo's 12 New Comics
Today, the VERTIGO 2015 PREVIEW comic book hits stores. You can grab a copy of this free preview comic at your local comic shop... or you can read it all right here.


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