Ten Moments that Mattered in 2017

Has it been a year already? 2017 has reached its end, but before we dive into 2018, we’d like to take a moment and look back. For DC fans, 2017 was a remarkable year in comics, film and TV.

Sneak Peek: Mike Feehan Previews Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles

America in the 1950s was a pretty crazy time. It was the height of the Cold War and the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union was ramping up.

First Look: Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Superman

The thing about animated movies: you get ONE take on your new world. And you make it rich and varied and exciting, but it's two hours long, so all these great ideas you have just don't fit.

Legendary artist, animator and producer Bruce Timm is returning to the world of DC animated movies with Justice League: Gods and Monsters, a new full-length film set in an alternate DC Universe and featuring a drastically different

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Batman: Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn Cover
What would make this long holiday weekend even better? How about a first look at the Batman: Arkham Knight comic book's crazy cool Harley Quinn cover!
DC Entertainment Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras details the process of creating comic books.
Infinite Crisis Returns to Comics: A Talk with Dan Abnett
Like many of you, we were eager to find out more about the upcoming Infinite Crisis comic, so we braved the untamed wilds of the Multiverse, crossing the darkened alleys of Gaslight Gotham, dodging attacks from Atomic Poison Ivy, reprogramming drones to protect us as we made our way through enemy territory…until we realized that we could just email Dan Abnett, the writer of the comic. So that’s exactly what we did.
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