This week's BATMAN #41 is easily the most dramatic shake-up Batman has seen since writer Scott Snyder came onboard the core Batman title back in 2011, which is why we sat down with him earlier in the year to ask him about it. Here’s what we learned…
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FIRST LOOK: Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon
The new guy on the force, it’s safe to say that Detective James Gordon has no idea what he’s in for when he joins the Gotham City Police Department. But we now have a better sense of what’s in store for us when we tune in for his first episode.
Breaking News: Bruce Wayne WIll be in Gotham
Gotham just isn’t Gotham without Bruce Wayne. So said Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly earlier today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Announced last year, Gotham is Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel that focuses on a younger Detective Jim Gordon as he comes into his own within the Gotham PD, facing corruption within the ranks as well as a burgeoning slate of outlandish super-villains.
DC on TV: The Comics Behind the Shows

If you caught Blair Herter’s conversation with Geoff Johns in this morning’s new episode of “DC All Access” (or if you’ve been following the entertainment news over the past few months), you

Yesterday, we gave you a glimpse at artist Francesco Francavilla’s lovely cover for DETECTIVE COMICS #874 — but what’s the story behind how we got there?
After Jock emailed over that epic Batman splash page, it was only fair that COMMISSIONER GORDON artist Francesco Francavilla chime in. And wow.
For several months now, Commissioner Jim Gordon has known he's been working alongside a "different" Batman. But with Bruce Wayne now returned, what will that mean for the future of Gotham City and their own crime fighting chemistry?


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