DC All Access - First Look at the Joker + Convergence

DC All Access has emerged from the Multiverse to give you your first look at...THE JOKER!!! But first, we talk to Convergence head writer Jeff King about the massive and eagerly anticipated DC Comics event which kicks off today with Convergence #0. How long has Convergence been in the works? How big of a role does Superman play in it? And will any of these "lost" characters be returning to the DC Universe? Watch the interview and find out!

DC Comics major publishing event CONVERGENCE takes over April and May. Not sure what you need to know beforehand?

The Roundup: Convergence's Zero Hour
It's another big week for DC Comics and Vertigo fans, and we have previews of all our must-read comics, from issue #0 of Convergence to the final issues of Batman Eternal, The New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World's End. See you in the shops!
Love hurts. But the pain is rarely as physical as it is with Harley Quinn, who won't let anything—or anyone—stand between her and her "puddin'," the Joker.

Learn more about spring’s biggest event, CONVERGENCE at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend!


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