Creator Commentary: The Dark and Bloody #1

In the remote backwoods of Kentucky, people get by however they can, and for Iris Gentry, that means running moonshine so he can support his son and pregnant wife.

Creator Commentary: Art Ops #1
They look like rock stars and they're not even in the comic book. They create the bloody thing! ART OPS #1 writer Shaun Simon and artist Michael Allred provide the creator commentary to end all others, replete with generic beer, cautionary tales, and the infamous Kubrick glare.
Creator Commentary: New Romancer #1

NEW ROMANCER is a clever mashup of rom-com, cyberthriller and supernatural sci-fi that features a reanimated Lord Byron running rampant across Silicon Valley pursued by a young Byron-obsessed developer who’s inadvertently behind his resurrec

Creator Commentary: Last Gang in Town #1

LAST GANG IN TOWN is a manic miniseries spanning decades and genres.

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