The winners of The 2011 Harvey Awards were announced this weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con. DC Entertainment took home awards for the following DC Comics and Vertigo titles.
Join Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel as they discuss and show pages from CUBA: MY REVOLUTION Wednesday, October 6th at 7:00 pm
On Saturday, October 2 head to: The New Yorker Festival The Vampire Revival panel with AMERICAN VAMPIRE co-author Stephen King At 1:00 pm
Lot’s of great comics and lots of great press coverage this week!
We worked very hard on the cover to CUBA: MY REVOLUTION with art director, Louis Prandi, and I came up with a bunch of preliminary concepts, some of which a
Revolution. Romance. Ideology. Betrayal. Torture. Art. Escape. Freedom.
Lots of Vertigo titles in the media this week.
From the moment Fidel Castro captures Havana in 1959, 17 year old Sonya believes in the promise of the Cuban Revolution.


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