Groundbreaking Superhero Naomi Could be Coming to The CW

One of DC’s newest superheroes—so new, she doesn’t even have a superhero name yet—may be joining The CW’s DCTV roster.

DC All Access - Cyborg Faces New Villains and Metal Men

Cyborg's been a member of the Teen Titans, the Outsiders and the Justice League, but he's never had his own ongoing title... until now. In this exclusive clip, we talk to writer David F. Walker about what we can expect when Victor Stone goes solo and what he feels makes this high-tech hero so human.

For more from David F. Walker on Cyborg:

Are You Ready for Cyborg's David Walker
With his instant access to any computer network and ability to overrun any security system, young Victor Stone—Cyborg—would seem to be the perfect super hero for our time. Yet, DC’s new Cyborg series will spend just as much time getting to know the man inside the cybernetic mainframe as it will exploring the high-tech world he inhabits.

Created in 1980 as a part of the New Teen Titans, Cyborg has been a DC Comics staple for generations.

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