DC Super Hero Girls Fans Get Their Dance On

DC Super Hero Girls has one of the catchiest theme songs this side of Central City.

Fans Unbox DC Super Hero Girls Toys

Unless you're a collector who likes to keep your action figures in boxes on shelves, the best part of buying a toy is busting it open.

Batman v Superman...Unbagged!

Like all of you, we’re pretty excited that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters this month.

Happy Birthday, Superman: Fans Celebrate in a Special Tribute Clip
Superman’s birthday only comes around once every four years, and we’re not about to let this chance to celebrate the Man of Steel pass us by…
DC Comics 101: Get to Know Neal Adams

The first issue of Neal Adams’ highly anticipated new miniseries, SUPERMAN: THE COMING OF THE SUPERMEN, flies into co

DC Comics 101: Robin Through the Ages

If you’re not completely new to DC Comics, you probably know that there’s been more than one Robin. You may even know all their names and what the differences are between them.

We're Celebrating Superman's Birthday...and We Need Your Help!
Did you know February 29th was Superman’s birthday? Yes, the big guy is notching another year under his belt, and we wanted to give all of you a chance to wish him a great one.
A Pair of Valentine's Day Unboxings: Love at First Sight?

Is there anything more wonderful than comic book love?

Superman Spotlight: Geekerella Reviews Superman Unchained

It’s the year of Batman v Superman, and with DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE on the stands, we’ve been talking about Batman

Lucifer: Comic Drake Recaps His Comic Book History

Lucifer, the brand new #DCTV show based on the classic Vertigo series, premieres tonight. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to get caught up on his 25-year comic book history. (Though you’re welcome to try.


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