First Look: Ragman is Reunited with his Father

It’s the final month of 2017! If you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite DC fan, or for reading material during the holiday break, then these books are for you!

First Look: Superman...Ruler of Apokolips?
First Look: Bruce and Selina's First Date
Batwoman: Redefining the Familiar

The Femme Fatale is well known in detective stories, particularly ones with a noir feel—a woman from an investigator's past returns, bringing mystery, deceit and danger into their life.

First Look: The Story of Wonder Woman's Brother
EXCLUSIVE: Young Monsters in Love Will Steal Your Heart

Your pulse quickens and your breath catches in your throat. You let out a quiet gasp just in time to notice the quickly rising goosebumps up your arm. You find yourself unsure about what to do.

First Look: Green Lantern Takes on the Dawnbreaker


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