Superstar artist Gary Frank pays tribute to the Blue Beetles of the past on the variant cover of DC UNIVERSE LEGACIES #10:
We’ve got an especially awesome collection of variants for you this week, so make sure you’ve got the time to change your desktop pattern before you leave today. Where to begin? Well, how about BRIGHTEST DAY #12, by superstar artist Ivan Reis?
Not only does November’s DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES feature a lead story by the stellar team of regular writer Len Wein and artist Dan Jurgens, but it features a back-up with art by comic book legend Brian Bolland.
Writer Len Wein continues to pair with an A-list assortment of artists as he chronicles the history of the DC Universe in the pages of LEGACIES. This month, Wein teams up with not only George Perez, but Walt Simonson. Not too shabby, huh?
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