Arrow: A Zombie in Star City

As I watched tonight’s episode, I thought I saw someone I recognized.

The Flash: Run, Jesse, Run! Who is Jesse Quick?

There have been hints dropped throughout The Flash that Jesse “Quick” Wells and Wally West are not only destined to be speedsters (living up to their comic book counterparts), but to be together.

Supergirl: Cadmus Shows Their Might

Imagine you're so powerful that you're basically a god. You can fly. You're invulnerable. You're extraordinarily fast and strong. You're tasked with keeping an entire city safe. People look to you as a hero, a role model, and more.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Tale of Two Steels

Hey there, Legends fans! Come on in, make yourselves at home. Let’s chat.

Arrow: On the Line!

I liked tonight’s episode for a couple reasons:

First Look: Supergirl's New Guardian

You can only be a sidekick for so long.

The Flash: Hi, I’m Barry Allen and I’m Addicted to Changing the Timeline

Tonight’s episode was the beginning of the Flash and Arrow crossover!

DC All Access: Win a Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Blu-Ray Collection
Supergirl: Superman and Clark Kent Visit National City

Look! It's a new season, a new network, but it's still Supergirl.

Expanding the Family: Bringing Superman to Supergirl

Any time you go somewhere new, you always want to make a big impression. And it doesn’t get any bigger than bringing one of the world’s most iconic super heroes with you.


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