Digital editions of DMZ started going live this past summer, and I was thrilled.
Last time we saw the legendary street artist "Decade Later," he was in cuffs and headed to a detention camp.
Try something different. That's what I feel Vertigo has always been about, even from my early days there as a runny-nosed assistant editor. I really treasure that sense of freedom, and it's why I love working on Vertigo books.
Back in the 1970’s, DC war comics like SGT ROCK started quietly featuring a slug at the end of the issue that read “MAKE WAR NO MORE.” It was a simple and honest
We're lucky here in the United States. There hasn't been a war fought on American soil in more than 145 years.
This weekend is the Maine Comics Art Festival.
Good morning Graphic Content readers! Today is very snowy in the big apple—the perfect day to stay in your pjs and read a good comic book or graphic novel or some of the great reviews and features they’re receiving.
The reviews and features just keep coming. Here are a few highlights that you may have missed:


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