Over at COMICS ALLIANCE Felicia Day, actress and creator of the web series The Guild, references
"This issue changes everything..." "After this nothing will be the same..." "Everything you thought you knew about the DMZ changes now..."
On Wednesday, we teased a few images from a project Jim Lee, Rebekah Isaacs, Fabio Moon, Ryan Kelly, John Paul Leon, Lee Bermejo, Philip Bond, Eduardo Risso and
February 2010 brings much to be excited for by Brian Wood.
Problem: How do you entice readers to start reading a monthly comic with issue #21? Solution: Make it look like #1.
All is not quiet in the DMZ.
DMZ #45 begins a five part arc full of nuclear weapons, Parco Delgado and Matty Roth's own agenda.
Today, Cory Doctorow raves about DMZ Vol. 7 at BOING BOING.
Below, for your visual enjoyment, we’re unveiling some new covers. Come back tomorrow as we reveal two more….


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