We've got lots of exciting new covers to debut today. First up, Andy Clarke's variant cover for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #3 pits Batman against Ragman and Demon.
In WONDER WOMAN #609, Diana gets a glimpse at a past very different than the one she remembers. Is this in fact a look at the real history of Wonder Woman?
Now THIS is quite a predicament we were left at on the last page of Wonder Woman #606 - how do you fight an army of undead soldiers? Find out in issue #607, on sale Wednesday.
I'd say any monster that can hold its own against both Wonder Woman and Philippus in a fight isn't one you can easily ignore - especially if it barely bats an eye when you chop off an antler with a sword.
Here are a few variant (and a couple standard) covers to help you through your week. First up, a stunning variant of GREEN ARROW #8 by David Mack.
We’ve got a ton of cool images for you to set as your desktops this week, folks, so let’s get right to it.
The mysterious leader of the paramilitary organization finally confronts Wonder Woman as she continues learning what happened to the Amazons and why reality is askew. J. Michael Straczynski's epic tale keeps rolling on, with art by Don Kramer.
First, let me get the obvious out of the way: There’s a ton of exciting stuff happening in the DCU.


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