A while back, we unveiled some details about DCUO: LEGENDS, the new, biweekly series that would be set in the same universe as SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT’s own DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, which hits in early 2011.
The headline says it all, folks. Here’s a first look at the BRIGHTEST DAY titles hitting in August, covers and all. Click below for more.
With BLACKEST NIGHT #8 out and in the world and WonderCon upon us, why not remove some of those pesky shadows from the first cover of BIRDS OF PREY #1? Enjoy.
We’ve shown only covers so far from the upcoming BIRDS OF PREY series, coming your way in May from writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes. It’s high time to remedy that. Click below for a few black and white pages from the first issue.
Saying today was busy would be an understatement, gang, but it was worth it. Tons of cool news to get you through the weekend. But why stop there? Click below and get the full list of BRIGHTEST DAY solicits hitting in May.


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