Let's go over our SUPERMAN checklist, shall we? Great writer? J. Michael Straczynski. Check. Great artist? Eddy Barrows. Check. Great cover artist? John Cassaday. Check. Wait, what?
We hit the ground running with some major news not long ago — announcing that JMS was not only writing SUPERMAN, but WO
The Hundred-Minute War is upon us -- but what does it mean for Superman and his allies? Well, a superhuman war fought at superspeed can only mean things will get all the more destructive -- and deadly.
You read that correctly. An interstellar conflict waged at superspeed.
Superman has left Earth in the hands of Nightwing, Flamebird, Mon-El and the Guardian. The tensions between Earth and New Krypton are slowly rising. The winds of war are stirring.
Yesterday we gave you a sneak peek at the second issue of BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN, so why not cap off the week with a look at the second SUPERMAN issue? Sure, why not?
Surprisingly, I’m still fairly functional. I think. The marathon that is SDCC is coming to a close, but we still have some stuff to show off, at least in regards to books hitting next week.
Happy Monday, all. I could go into a long description about how much fun this issue of ACTION COMICS is, or how nice Eddy Barrows' art is, but I think the pages speak for themselves.


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