Meet Constantine's Zed

Rakish, cunning and possessing a tie to the supernatural world that’s brought them nothing but pain. Sound familiar?

DC All Access: What Is This MADness?

Blair and Tiffany seem like such smart people. So why have they been hanging out with the Usual Gang of Idiots?

DC All Access - Ep 227 - Beware the Batman EXCLUSIVE CLIP + Grayson Love Triangle

In this week's all new episode of DC All Access, Blair's back, Grayson's gunning and Batman inspires some serious bewaring! First, we debut an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Beware the Batman, before getting the goods on this week's Grayson #3 from writers Tom King and Tim Seeley. Then we're given an early look at Lobo #1 (also out this week) by writer Cullen Bunn before we exclusively reveal the cover for MAD #530. And as if that wasn't enough MADness, we also give you the chance to win a special MAD Magazine prize pack.

EXCLUSIVE: Two of The Flash's S.T.A.R.s

Barry Allen hits the ground running next month in the highly anticipated new show, The Flash.

EXCLUSIVE: Futures End Covers, Week Four
EXCLUSIVE: Futures End Covers, Week Three
EXCLUSIVE: Futures End Covers, Week Two

Who says there’s no way to get a glimpse of the future?

EXCLUSIVE: Futures End Covers, Week One

The future’s a lot closer than you think.

EXCLUSIVE: Creator Lineup for Futures End September Event Revealed
EXCLUSIVE: Batman’s “Untitled Self Portrait” From THE LEGO MOVIE
Batman sings! Well, he does in the wonderfully warped world of The LEGO Movie, and we're giving you an exclusive early listen to his song, the aptly named "Untitled Self-Portrait." Let's just say that the dude likes his darkness...


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