Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Ramon Bachs kick off a new era for Azrael, Death's Dark Knight -- starting here.
Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist J. Calafiore present a tale of a murdered priest. A desecrated grave marker. A kidnapped child. A secret key. A mystery whose solution could upset the world order.
The cover to December's AZRAEL #3, by Jock.
Since the DC offices -- and, in turn, The Source -- will be closed tomorrow celebrating the Fourth, we thought it'd be nice to end the week with a bit of cool news.
This past Wednesday saw the publication of TRINITY #45… and as of today all the plots are written… the co-features are drawn and inked through issue 51… And Mark Bagley and Art Thibert are well into the art for issue #50.


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