Shelly Bond, editor of such titles as FABLES, iZOMBIE and HELLBLAZER shares her firsts. What was the first... Convention you attended as a fan?
"Inherit the Wind" begins tomorrow in FABLES 108!
The incredible painter James Bennett has illustrated the New York Times bestselling picture books "Tell Me A Scary Story... But Not Too Scary," written by Carl Reiner and "Halloween," written by Jerry Seinfeld.
From the pages of the acclaimed New York Times bestselling series FABLES comes an incredible new monthly series called FAIREST.
New York Times best selling writer Bill Willingham is a master at storytelling. His FABLES Vol.
The father and son feud between The North Wind and Bigby is about to blow over just as Ozma sticks her nose their business. Meanwhile, Mister Dark continues to infiltrate Haven as his bride-to-be goes through a bit of a change.
The team has been chosen, and they're ready to fight Mister Dark in FABLES #104 "Super Team" part 3 (on sale today)!


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