Abin Sur is determined to help save Earth from the war that’s ripping it apart.
Abin Sur finds himself on Earth to retrieve the white entity.
Last month, we announced the large roster of contributors working on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA’s extra-sized
At C2E2 this past weekend, DC shared a lot of exciting news, including the announcement of JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA’s landmark fiftieth issue!
Zardor has the upper hand over Guy Gardner in a battle over Green Lantern Sodam Yat - are his ring and willpower strong enough to escape paralysis in the gut of a
STEEL #1, the first part of the REIGN OF DOOMSDAY storyline, has sold out and gone back for a second printing, this time with a blood-red cover. Foreboding, right? Check it out below.
What better way to start a week than with some variant covers? First up, we have a terrifyingly awesome cover by Gene Ha for BATMAN & ROBIN #19.


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