Yesterday, we gave you a glimpse at artist Francesco Francavilla’s lovely cover for DETECTIVE COMICS #874 — but what’s the story behind how we got there?
After Jock emailed over that epic Batman splash page, it was only fair that COMMISSIONER GORDON artist Francesco Francavilla chime in. And wow.
Some of the most fun I’ve had doing this blog is seeing the process behind a lot of my favorite books.
We’ve given you two major sneak peeks earlier this week, but now it’s time for the whole shebang – click below for a complete rundown of the December-shipping Batman titles.
It’s that time again folks – your chance to peek into the future of the Dark Knight. A future which is pretty bright, actually. What’s in store?
Earlier this week, we broke the news that Jock would be pairing with writer Scott Snyder this November to tackle the Dark Knight’s adventures in DETECTIVE COMICS. But there’s more to that book.


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