All things BRIGHTEST DAY continue to chug along at a frenetic pace, and we’ve got a first look at what’s going down in the September-shipping batch of titles. Click below for more.
Lovely covers by amazing artists. Simple enough, right?
Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul continue to speed up the tension – yes, pun intended – in the second issue of THE FLASH series, as Barry Allen continues to investigate the “Dastardly Death of the Rogues.” But when the case takes a dramat
Every now and then we get the chance to give you a quick peek at what’s coming from DC beyond the next few months.
As we mentioned here yesterday, we'll be giving away five signed copies of THE FLASH #1 each day via the
In the aftermath of BLACKEST NIGHT and THE FLASH: REBIRTH comes the beginning of a new era for Barry Allen and the deadly Rogues.
Didn't think you could get more excited for this new series? Well, you can. Check out superstar artist Tony Harris' amazing variant cover for the first issue of THE FLASH, hitting next month.
Yesterday, we talked to THE FLASH writer Geoff Johns about Barry Allen, his Rogues and what it means to be a hero. But there’s more to cover, folks, so why stop there?


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