Francis Manapul's made a name for himself with his energetic linework and exciting layouts in the pages of ADVENTURE COMICS, and he kicks it up a notch with THE FLASH -- presenting a sleek and modern Central City that is both reverential to the
Saying today was busy would be an understatement, gang, but it was worth it. Tons of cool news to get you through the weekend. But why stop there? Click below and get the full list of BRIGHTEST DAY solicits hitting in May.
The title is pretty ominous on its own: ADVENTURE COMICS STARRING BLACK LANTERN SUPERBOY. But what more can we reveal about the issue, which is written by Tony Bedard, with art by Travis Moore?
It's that time again -- solicitation. Where we showcase some covers and tease-worthy text about product coming your way. Today we've got a slice of the solicitations for April in-store. Specifically, all things BRIGHTEST DAY.
Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul say goodbye (for now) to Superboy in this epic 30-page issue. What happens? Well, take a peek below. ADVENTURE COMICS #6 hits 1/13.
Slow news day, huh? Why not cap it off with a first look at Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway's ADVENTURE COMICS #5, which hits this week?


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