Slow news day, huh? Why not cap it off with a first look at Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway's ADVENTURE COMICS #5, which hits this week?
Geoff Johns and artist Jerry Ordway team up to present you with the return of Superboy-Prime. The grasp of BLACKEST NIGHT knows no bounds, and it's reached the doorstep of Superboy-Prime. And, if you can believe it, Prime has met his match.
Superboy is back and he's enlisting one of his oldest friends, Tim Drake, formerly known as Robin. Tim's now traveling the globe as Red Robin.
Well, you will, dear Source readers. All in due time. But first, a few things:
Geoff Johns and superstar artist Francis Manapul continue to tell the tale of the revived Conner Kent, as Superboy settles back into life in Smallville. But all is not well in Superman's hometown.
Happy Friday, DC Nation! Elisabeth Gehrlein here, DCU editor of…well, a really nice range of titles.
We've covered the RED CIRCLE characters from pretty much every angle here on The Source, and we've got a few things to toss your way on this lovely Friday a


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