For this week’s installment of Preview Mondays, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at

A.R.G.U.S. helmet

“In this instance, Gene did a ton of research when coming up with an A.R.G.U.S. agent’s body armor and helmet.


“One of the reasons I love working with Gene is that besides being an enormously talented artist, he also truly invests himself into the material he wo


This week, JUSTICE LEAGUE kicks off a brand new story arc in issue #7 of the bestselling series.

Earlier today, we shared with you our panel schedule for WonderCon.

Justice league group shot

If you’ve been reading THE SOURCE, you know that there is a lot to be excited about in JUSTICE LEAGUE #7.

With ACTION COMICS #9, two acclaimed guest artists will explore an alternate Earth and the story of its Kryptonian protector.
Multiple Eisner Award-winning artist Gene Ha will be joining the JUSTICE LEAGUE – not as a team member, but as a special guest illustrator for issue #7.


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