It’s a Bat-heavy week in variant land, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. First up, we have Guillem March’s cover to BATMAN AND ROBIN #17, along with Gene Ha’s variant for the same issue.
Things continue to heat up on the BRIGHTEST DAY side of things, as the Hawks cross paths with the Star Sapphires, Max Lord’s plans continue to come together and “New Guardians” concludes. But don’t take my word for it.
We’re excited and honored to break the news today that ongoing GREEN ARROW and TEEN TITANS writer J.T. Krul has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics.
Mike Mayhew, who did an incredible job on JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISE & FALL, stops by for a very special issue of Green Arrow. Check out this awesome rendition of the Emerald Archer!
The term is thrown about often, but is certainly true this time: TEEN TITANS #88 is a perfect jumping on point for new readers. The preview pages below will prove it.
We’ve got another batch of nice variant cover art to unveil, including Lee Garbett’s gritty BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #6 cover, Gary Frank’s masterful take on GREEN ARROW #5, another lovely Cliff Chiang JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST cover
It’s that time again – where we peer ahead to the not-so-distant future and get a sense of some of the collected editions that’ll be hitting shelves. This time around, we’ve got an advance look at what next summer’s going to look like.
We’ve got a full rundown of the BRIGHTEST DAY books shipping in December, including a few clues into the origin of a certain Black Manta. Click below for more.
On tap today, we’ve got Gene Ha’s variant to GREEN LANTERN #58, two covers for WONDER WOMAN #603, one by the regular art team of Don Kramer and Michael Babinski and a DC 75th anniversary cover by J.H.
Well, not exactly – but J’onn does pay Ollie a visit in Star City, and let’s just say the forest has an interesting effect on our green-skinned hero. Plus, what is Black Manta up to, and who’s interested?


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