DC All Access - Ep 303 - LEGO Batman 3: Bizarro World Trailer + Exclusive Infinite Crisis Harley Gameplay

You no want to watch this week's new DC All Access. Am not full of exciting new DC Comics info and first looks. There no trailer for new Bizarro LEGO Batman 3 DLC or new Infinite Crisis Harley Quinn skins. There am certainly no chances to win a cool DC Collectibles Joker statue!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Batman: Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn Cover
What would make this long holiday weekend even better? How about a first look at the Batman: Arkham Knight comic book's crazy cool Harley Quinn cover!

DC All Access - Bonus Clip - Top 6 Gnarly Harley Moments

Oh, Harley... How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Well, six of them at least. In honor of Harley Quinn Month, DC All Access presents their Top 6 gnarly Harley moments from her colorful comic book history. Which one claimed our top spot? You may be surprised...

For more great Harley Quinn Month features and videos, visit her official character page: http://www.dccomics.com/characters/harley-quinn

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Harley Quinn's Five Secrets to a Healthy Relationship
We don’t have the secret to lasting romance, but fortunately, Harley Quinn does. In fact, she has five of them. Fresh off her date with Bruce Wayne in the pages of the HARLEY QUINN VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1, Dr. Quinzel’s here to share the love… or whatever it is that passes for it these days.

DC All Access - Bonus Clip - Harley Quinn Dating Bruce Wayne?

Harley Quinn's in the mood for love... but not with who you think! In this exclusive DC All Access clip, Tiffany talks to Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti about the just released Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special. Harley wins a night on the town with Bruce Wayne! Will these two (very) opposites attract?

To buy or download the Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/harley-quinn-2013/harley-quinn-valentines-day-special-1

To buy or download Constantine #22: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/constantine-2013/constantine-22

DC All Access: Win a Cool Collection of Harley Quinn Comics

DC All Access is back for another week of great guests, fun clips...and very awesome giveaways!

DC All Access - Ep 302 - LEGO Bizarro League Exclusive + Convergence

The Justice League--and DC All Access--are about to get a lot more bizarre. The new animated movie LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League is in stores today, and Tiffany and Jason debut an exclusive new clip. (Hint: There's nothing mini about the figure that stars in it.) After that, Jason talks with Convergence writer Jeff King about the upcoming publishing event, unlocking a few mysteries and secrets in the process. Wondering which just released comic contains hints of the DC Universe to come? Watch the interview to find out!

Harley Quinn: A Knockout of a Deal
Harley fans, from now until February 16th, you can download the just released Harley Quinn Vol. 1 for only $4.99? That’s such a deep discount for a just released title that it’s practically a steal...
Announcing the Ultimate Harley Quinn Fan Giveaway
As you may have heard, February is Harley Quinn month here at DC Comics. But as fun as celebrating Ms. Quinn may be, it wouldn’t be a proper party without a few gifts...

DC All Access is back with a new episode, a new co-host and an all new chance to win.


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