Constantine: A Familiar Face

Tonight’s all new episode of Constantine, “The Saint of Last Resorts,” not only serves as the show’s gripping midseason finale, but also introduces yet another face from John’s past… and from his Vertigo comic, Hellblazer.

The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE - Episode 7: "Blessed Are the Damned"
John Constantine leaves a trail of secrets in his wake and only we know what they really are. That’s why we’re here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section... and find out the answers to the burning questions.
Constantine: From Comics to Screen

If you're familiar with Vertigo's Hellblazer series, you've likely noticed quite a few elements from it on NBC's Constantine.

Constantine Confronts a New Kind of Demon in Exclusive Clip
Earth Angel: A Look at Constantine's Manny
When compared to Gotham or The Flash, Constantine may seem to have pretty small cast of core characters, but every single one of them comes directly from the comics. Well, all of them except for one: Manny, the mysterious angel who was first introduced in the show’s pilot and will play a key role in the episodes ahead.
Constantine: A Vision of Zed
Tonight, Constantine returns with an episode that introduces a remarkable relationship and character--Angélica Celaya's Zed. We spoke with Celaya about how closely the show's Zed will reflect its comic book counterpart, and whether she may may be destined for some pretty divine things.
One “Hell” of an Influence: Constantine Draws From the Source
Constantine debuts tonight, and fans are likely setting their DVRs as we speak. Yet, over the course of his thirty year history, Constantine’s gone through a few changes and different interpretations. Which version will we see onscreen? We spoke with Constantine Executive Producer David S. Goyer and Writer and Executive Producer Daniel Cerone recently about the comics that served as their inspiration
Constantine: Meet the Players
Throughout his storied history, John Constantine has conned, collaborated and collided with a diverse cast of characters. We know we’ll be seeing some of them brought to life on the show starting with the three who form the show's core: Constantine, Chas and Zed.
Constantine: Find the Fake
This Friday, October 24th, NBC will premiere the eagerly awaited Constantine, their new horror series based on the iconic comic book character. Four of these five storylines actually took place in DC or Vertigo comic books. The fifth is completely made up on the spot. Can you find the fake?


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