What’s coming in Summer 2012?

We’re about to look into the future. Look for these Vertigo titles to be published in Summer 2012. Please keep in mind this information is not final and may be subject to change. Coming in May 2012: AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL.

The new edition of HELLBLAZER VOL. 2: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW written by Jamie Delano goes on sale in February. John Cassaday has provided a striking new cover. Check it out below.
Vertigo publishes an array of acclaimed literature in the horror genre.
Gemma not only sold her uncle John Constantine’s trench coat via the internet, she made a deal which has come back to haunt her. Now, the stinky old mac has a mind of its own and is wreaking havoc on those who wear it.
And one lucky fan got to take this signed coat home from today’s Vertigo panel.
HELLBLAZER editor Shelly Bond has some interesting information to share about tonight’s Vertigo panel and a certain piece of missing clothing. So read up and we’ll see you there!
This Valentine’s Day I asked the Vertigo editors to pick a few couples from both classic and current Vertigo titles that defy our expectations of coupledom. I hope you enjoy this unique twist on the holiday we love to not love.
Rookie Vertigo Assistant Editor Gregory Lockard here with my first blog for GRAPHIC CONTENT and it’s regarding HELLBLAZER #275!


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