LOOKS 10, DANCE 3 For those of you who think I require little more than a 263,000 watt spotlight and a brief excursion to the Courreges Universe, you're clearly mistaken. I've decided to
One of the comic book industry’s iconic anti-heroes, John Constantine, the man who’s literally been to hell and back travels to the only thing worse than Hades’ realm—the frontlines of war.
This October, Vertigo is publishing its first ever HOUSE OF MYSTERY Halloween Annual with insert stories from some of our ongoing series including
Superstar cover painter, Simon Bisley has been cranking out gorgeous covers on HELLBLAZER, most recently on #256, 257, and 258.
On Tuesday you discussed your favorite works by Peter Milligan. Now, here are the covers to some of his upcoming titles. SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Vol. 1:
Peter Milligan, one of the founding writers of Vertigo, is a busy man.
What better place for a Halloween party than the HOUSE OF MYSTERY? And guess what? You’re all invited.
Yesterday, Karen Berger talked about Peter Milligan’s addictive new series GREEK STREET.
Millison and Morrigan. Morrison and Milligan. However you say it, those bizarre boys are at it again, and all is right with my world.


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