2010 was a huge year for DC.
It’s the end of the year and, if you’re like me this year, that means there’s still some last minute shopping to be done. Need help seeking out the perfect gift for your comic book loving friends and family?
The Old City of Jerusalem is crowded. In a relatively small space surrounded by walls there are three major religions, their sects and subsets. There is tourism and noise, garbage and sacred things, ideology, conflict and competing ideas.
After finally getting to page 195, it was time to go all the way back to page one again and start coloring and inking. Like I said before, I hadn’t known how I was going to color the book when I first started out.
I had already completed two chapters of HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS when Jon Vankin asked me if I would consider publishing the book with Ve

Join Sarah Glidden at King Con

Saturday, November 6th

at 1:30pm

Where she will be discussing her new book

Vertigo has published an array of graphic novels from Jeff Lemire’s fictional THE NOBODY, to Jonathan Ames’ semi-autobiographical and greatly embellished


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