In the story so far, the Italian adventures of HUNTRESS have been an exciting mix of glamour and danger. The fourth issue maintains the intrigue as its eponymous heroine settles even further into her private war against Moretti and his mob.
In the first couple issues of HUNTRESS, Helena Bertinelli traveled to Italy and swore to take down a man by the name of Moretti, one of the most powerful mob bosses in Europe.
In the first issue of HUNTRESS, you were introduced to Helena Bertinelli, who just arrived in Italy in hopes of tracking down a ruthless criminal.
52 Thanksgivings! Really. Here we are into the third month of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and you have all helped us turn it into a runaway success we can all be thankful for.
It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. And if you’re anything like me, October only means one thing: Halloween.
The new Question has kept up company with the old Question's friends and allies - including Huntress, who she's enlisted to help her on a subterranean mission to stop some gun smugglers from selling weapons to the wrong people deep in Gotham's
Romance is in the air for Huntress and Catman as they share a passionate kiss while on a night on the town – which of course for them means fighting bad guys and trying to rescue an asthmatic hostage.
Someone once said "Valentine's Day is just a made-up day. But so is Wednesday. Also, I think gravity is made up." That someone? Gail Simone.
Huntress and Catman make the long-threatened first attempt at romance in "First Date" - anyone want to make bets on how long these two hot-headed lovebirds on opposite sides of the law will go before trying to kill each other?


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