DC and Milestone Media Reveal New Art and Story Details For Milestones In History

Standing Up: Five of DC's Boldest Black Female Heroes and Storylines

In the Modern Age of Comic Book Fandom, social media platforms and online connectivity have brought together—and brought to light—readers who may not fit the traditional image of a fan as it existed throughout most of the 20th cen

The Black History of Superman, Part 2

Since 1938, Superman has been described as “Champion of the Oppressed.” As we celebrate Black History Month this February, it’s only fair to ask: do the Black readers and fans who look to Superman for a hero not deserve a Superman of their o

First Look: The Return of Icon and Rocket
Milestone Returns: Introducing the Talent

It’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

The Return of Milestone Comics - Official Trailer

Milestone is back with three timely tales featuring the heroes you know and love reenvisioned for today's moment. Static: Season One is on stands and available to read on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE today. Look for Icon & Rocket and Hardware later this summer!

Read Static: Season One #1 now: https://www.dcuniverseinfinite.com/comics/book/static-season-one-1/24b8d979-3fb3-457c-b04f-c6b43e58527b/


An almost two-hundred-year-old alien, Icon has reinvented himself throughout the centuries and emerged as a hero in the Justice League and Shadow Cabinet.


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