Everyone’s been talking about Batman recently. Tomorrow marks the release of the final issue of DETECTIVE COMICS prior to the launch of DC Comics-The New 52.
Abin Sur finds himself on Earth to retrieve the white entity.
Ignore your phone calls, stop answering emails and listen to Scott Snyder talk BATMAN and AMERICAN VAMPIRE with the guys at IGN.
Throughout the day IGN has been spotlighting DC's newly-announced Batman family of first issues launching this September. IGN spoke to Batman group editor Mike Marts to get some extra insight into today's announced titles.
Last week, we were following IGN's countdown of the top 100 heroes in comics all week on THE SOURCE.
Yesterday we told you about the countdown IGN is doing on their site this week of their top 100 super heroes of all time.
Top-traffic game site IGN has started a countdown of their top 100 super heroes of all time. Everyday they've been unrolling more and more of their list.


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