DC Collectibles Remembers The New 52

Welcome back DC Collectibles fans! We are at week two of answering your 2015 NY Toy Fair questions. A lot of you asked about the New 52 Action Figure line and what will be happening going forward.

DC Collectibles - New 52 Action Figure "In Memoriam"

Friends and collectors, we are gathered here together to celebrate the life and memory of The New 52. In 2011, The New 52 brought a fresh start and new sensibility to the world of DC Comics with not one, not two, not even three...but 52 new issue #1s. And DC Collectibles was right there with them.  But all things in life must end, and sadly, that includes action figure collectibles. So to commemorate this soon-to-be bygone era, DC Collectibles has put together this exclusive tribute "in memoriam" to the many, many New 52 Action Figures produced over the past four years.

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