He bowls, he scores! Mike Allred does it again with this fantastic cover to iZombie issue #14. Don’t you think?
This Valentine’s Day I asked the Vertigo editors to pick a few couples from both classic and current Vertigo titles that defy our expectations of coupledom. I hope you enjoy this unique twist on the holiday we love to not love.
HELLBLAZER—Save the Date

You’re invited to the wedding of

John Constantine and Epiphany Greaves

Welcome to the HOUSE OF MYSTERY HALLOWEEN ANNUAL where this year the tricks and treats are even more spooky. So take a look inside for a sampling of what's in store. HOUSE OF MYSTERY by Matt Sturges and artist Luca Rossi
Spot, the were-terrier is a mild-mannered computer technician by day, under a full moon he transforms into a monster with the lusts and appetites of a well-behaved house pet! But who is he really, and what is his connection to Mister Chimps?


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