Over the course of last week, we provided you with a first look at the solicits for the October titles in DC Comics-The New 52.
First, let me get the obvious out of the way: There’s a ton of exciting stuff happening in the DCU.
Obsidian at long last reunites with his father Alan Scott after the intense madness of the recent JLA/JSA crossover as both come to terms with what their family has just been through.
Mr. Terrific gathers the ragged remains of the Justice Society in a last-ditch attack on the Fourth Reich, and their power-negating Darkness Engine.
Only Bill Willingham and Jesus Merino know, folks, and things aren't looking good. The Nazis have succeeded and taken over America, which is leading to the scheduled executions of all the U.S.'s major heroes and villains. Can Mr.
Writer Bill Willingham and artist Jesus Marino up the ante as the war takes a turn for the worse for the JSA , with their foes firing up the super-power negating “Darkness Engine.” And what’s powering the thing?


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