Fans of the Freedom Fighters have a reason to kick off this weekend with a celebration.


It’s the first issue of the exciting new miniseries, PHANTOM LADY!


Countdown to Comic-Con: Jimmy Palmiotti on SDCC

Every day until the start of Comic-Con, we’re bringing you something cool to help you count down the days to the start of the big show. Last week we debuted our new Comic-Con print ads.

If you’re looking for new digital comics to read over the long Memorial Day weekend we’ve got just the book for you.


There are many titles coming out this summer to be excited for.

unknown soldier Panosian character sketch
THE RAY #4 cover

Readers of THE RAY were left stunned with the conclusion of last month’s issue, which found Lucien Gates struggling for his life after a brutal attack by The Director.

Batman standing in rage

With “The Night of the Owls” crossover coming to Gotham City this May, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES ran a complete week of coverage examining the event.

Deflecting an energy beam

Lucien Gates is learning the hard way that being a superhero is not all it’s cracked up to be. In the penultimate issue of THE RAY, Lucien must save the life of his girlfriend, Chianti.


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