As Batman springs his trap for the shape-shifting Durlan terrorist stranded on Earth, Superman and NRG-X battle out Round Two in the Fortress of Solitude, thanks to the team of writer Joey Casey and artist Ardian Syaf.
The secret identity of a certain shape-shifting Durlan is revealed in this issue, courtesy of writer Joe Casey and artist Ardian Syaf. SUPERMAN/BATMAN #69 hits 2/10.
The Super Young Team dives into action as the team rallies for a stand against a villain they have no hope of beating. And, even if they manage to eke out a win, they're on the verge of learning an even harder lesson about the price of fame.
Apologies for the Bowie pun.
It's tough being the Super Young Team. All they want is a little recognition from their adoring public. A smidgen of acceptance and to be treated like real heroes.
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