Accompanied by a former child soldier, the Unknown Soldier begins a journey across the most intensive expanse of the war zone Moses has experienced yet. But what's on the other side for these two? Redemption for their killings—or damnation?
UNKNOWN SOLDIER #12 marks the first anniversary of this highly regarded series. And we’re going to a funeral—the Unknown Soldier’s funeral.
In an in-depth conversation with CBR News, Karen Berger discusses Vertigo’s success in 2009, the imprint’s plans for 2010, and why she believes Vertigo is delivering the
If there’s one thing I’m proud of in UNKNOWN SOLDIER, it’s that Alberto and I work hard to capture East Africa.
For those of you all caught up, issue #11 is out next week. Here’s a preview:
“Dude…. You’re going to be all right, right?”
Civil War In Uganda Illustrated And In Panels
Highlights from the past week:
IGN calls UNKNOWN SOLDIER “A revelation in every sense of the word,” and continues “It's truly rare to see a book of this high level of craft, importance and dramatic power come along. . . .


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