Learn more about the mysterious past of King Chimera as he revisits a death he feels responsible for while in the hospital room of his fallen teammate!
The gods seem to be inside the minds of the All-Stars, which is only their first step toward reemerging on Earth.
King Chimera makes his last-ditch move to save the rest of the team from the grips of the Subtle Realms -- but is it too late for Star Girl and her new suitor?
Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie Williams II present a tale of the Injustice Society, as the villains find the All-Stars new headquarters. But Cyclone, of all people, has found a way to turn their own allies against them.

Just woke up and yeesh, it's early here on the west coast. Just so you guys know, I'll be up in the air with a few of my DC colleagues heading back to NY. But don't fret.

Writer Matthew Sturges and artist Freddie E. Williams II lift the curtain on this issue, as the All-Stars are on the trail of the villains who've kidnapped one of their own while internal turmoil creates drama in the ranks.
Things get dicey for the leaner, meaner Justice Society as writer Bill Willingham reveals another intruder among the team. But this time, they're ready for it.
The team has survived its first major battle -- but can they find their missing teammate? JSA ALL STARS #2 hits tomorrow.
Well, we gave you a little tease last week -- with some help from Matthew Sturges --about JSA ALL STARS #4 (which we've kindly included below), but what of the other titles tied to the team?
We're backing up the truck and unloading a ton of good stuff this week, and cool pieces of art are aplenty. Case in point? The cover to JSA ALL STARS #4, by Freddie E.


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