Surprise Announcement at San Diego Comic-Con Pairs Legendary, Award Winning Author with Artist JH Williams III Under DC Entertainment’s Vertigo Imprint


It's tough to follow up that big bunny from yesterday, but I think this steam-punk angel devising the map of the world will most definitely give you some food for thought.

dial h cover
Dominque Laveau: Voodoo Child cover
Dominque Laveau: Voodoo Child

I've been at this editing job for many years, and what keeps it so fresh and exciting are the different people that I've work

From the Editor's Desks: Vertigo Preview 2012

Listen up, everyone! Next month, we're publishing four great new series, which you might have already heard some buzz about.

From the Editor’s Desk: Karen Berger on A.D.D.

"The media is the message." It's not quite the Marshall McLuhan mantra but it's close.

From the Editor's Desk: Karen Berger

I will always be a true-blooded New Yorker (even though I’ve been living in New Jersey for 14 years!), and for me, New York will always be the center of the universe.


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