DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Who is the Mack Anyway?

Hey there, Legends fans! Welcome back! We have a ton to get into this week so I'm just going to cut right to the chase.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Cold Betrayal

Welcome back, Legends fans! Talk about having to go there (and back again) this time around, huh? And, man, things are...not looking all that great for the future of the world.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: First Look at the New Poster
Red Thorn: David Baillie Shares the Myths Behind His New Series
RED THORN, Vertigo’s newest ongoing series, is in stores today. In this VertigoComics.com exclusive, writer David Baillie discusses some of the folklore that inspired the Scotland-set fantasy.
The LEGENDS Digital Comics Sale

What happens when the world turns against its heroes?

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