Not long ago, we gave you a quick look at the first issue of writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley's upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA run. But why stop there?
We're inching toward the weekend, folks, and that's a good thing. We're also inching toward the debut of the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA from the superstar team of writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley. Stoked?
Writer Judd Winick and artist Mark Bagley bring their "Long Shadows" arc to a close as Two-Face and the new Batman throw down in the Batcave. And it's a vicious one, but as Two-Face begins to turn the tide...Batman shows up?
It all starts here. Writer James Robinson pairs with superstar artist Mark Bagley to begin their run on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. You've heard rumblings and speculation, you've read the chatter around the interwebs.
Writer Judd Winick and artist Mark Bagley kick off part three of their four-part BATMAN story with a bang, as Penguin ups the ante in his bid to become the top crook in Gotham and enlists a few of Arkham's finest to keep the Dark Knight occupie
Isn't that a lovely Andy Kubert cover? You know what's better than that? Having an Andy Kubert cover with interiors by Mark Bagley. Words from Judd Winick don't hurt either.
It's become something of a tradition here at The Source to start the week with some news, and we've got a nice bit here, with more to come later this week.
There's a new Batman in Gotham, but does that mean Gotham City wants him around? As Two-Face and Penguin take measures to keep the new hero at bay, one of the villains makes a startling new discovery about Dick Grayson.
Heard the big news from last week? Well, we announced the new creative team for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Specifically, writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley.
We showed you some of Mr. Bagley's excellent inked work yesterday, with our JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA announcement. But how about the colored version?


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