How Batman: The Imposter is the Movie Sequel You Didn’t Know You Needed

From what I’ve been reading in the DC Community, many of you have seen Matt Reeves’

Comic Teaser - Batman: The Imposter

Writer Mattson Tomlin discusses his gritty and realistic take on the Dark Knight. There’s a second Batman haunting Gotham’s rooftops and alleys—and this one has no qualms about murdering criminals, live and on tape. Batman must find this imposter and somehow clear his name. Get Batman: The Imposter at a bookstore, comics shop or digitally now.

Batman: The Imposter - Official Trailer

From Mattson Tomlin, the acclaimed director and screenwriter of Project Power and Little Fish, comes a grounded new take on the Dark Knight set early in his career. While Bruce hasn't yet been the Batman for long, there's no doubt that he's made a difference when it comes to Gotham City crime. Unfortunately, he's also made a few enemies along the way…and it seems one of them has a plan to neutralize him.

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