5.2 Reasons We Can’t Stop Watching the DC Nation Shorts

As announced on Monday, we’re now adding all of the animated shorts from DC Nation on Cartoon Network to the DC Comics website and YouTube Channe

Oolong Island is picking up the pieces after the Black Lanterns' devastating attack. What's next? Only Keith Giffen and artist Matthew Clark know. DOOM PATROL #7 hits today.
Ready for another dose of Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark's DOOM PATROL? Are you sure?
Let's cut to the chase: We've got an early look at the first issue of DOOM PATROL #1, right here. Written by Keith Giffen with amazing art from Matthew Clark and featuring a METAL MAN co-feature by Giffen, J.M.
Remember this? Well, here are the finished inks for you to enjoy.

We've shown off pretty much all of the upcoming co-features on this here blog, so why stop now? The team that brought you JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, writers Keith Giffen and J.M.

You saw the Matthew Clark sketches yesterday, and I did promise more details, so here we go: DOOM PATROL #1, from Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark hits in August an


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