We recently announced DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 “Second Wave,” featuring six new series coming i
DETECTIVE COMICS #8 will feature the first in a multi-part series of back-up stories following Harvey Dent and his villainous alter ego, Two-Face. Written by Tony S.
“Jerry Robinson illustrated some of the defining images of pop culture’s greatest icons. As an artist myself, it’s impossible not to feel humbled by his body of work.
And so we come to Week Four–marking the end of September, the month that ushered in the debut of DC Comics-The New 52 and the unprecedented transformation of the entire DC Universe.
Throughout the day IGN has been spotlighting DC's newly-announced Batman family of first issues launching this September. IGN spoke to Batman group editor Mike Marts to get some extra insight into today's announced titles.
Bruce Wayne's been building his global empire of Batman, Incorporated. But now and again, he still needs to reach out to an old friend for a helping hand.


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