Earlier today, we announced that acclaimed novelist Gregg Hurwitz will be taking over as the series writer
Acclaimed novelist Gregg Hurwitz will be taking over as the writer for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT beginning with issue #10 in June. Hurwitz is the internationally bestselling author of YOU'RE NEXT.
Can the Penguin have finally found love?
In the wild, when penguins mate, they stay together for life. One of the few monogamous animals, penguins are exemplary models of the idea of soulmates.
In the first issue of PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE, you read the beginning of Oswald Cobblepot’s origin story. And if you thought that was dark, just wait until you read issue #2.
Whether hero or villain, everyone has an origin story.
This October, two new mini-series will be joining the BATMAN family. This afternoon, NEWSARAMA announced THE HUNTRESS #1 and COMIC BOOK RESOURCES announced PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE #1.
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