I can hardly believe it, but we are about to embark on the second arc of THE UNWRITTEN. Here’s a preview of issue #6. Enjoy!
THE UNWRITTEN is about the stories behind stories, so how’s this for appropriate?
In the India of the British Raj, young journalist and would-be novelist Rudyard Kipling gets an offer he can't refuse. It's an offer that will catapult him to fame, fortune and inexorable destruction.
THE UNWRITTEN continues to wow. Death, doorknobs, a map . . . and jail? Gothic and modern collide in issue #4.
Lot’s happened this week. Here's a roundup of those not to be missed.
In the previous post, Editor Pornsak Pichetshote discussed THE UNWRITTEN.
Did you know the CIA once pretended to shoot a movie adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of the Light as cover to smuggle US diplomats out of Iran? Go ahead, Google it.


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